Last Spring, Marc Andreini gave Manny and I a few templates that were taken directly off George Greenough's original big wave Edge Boards. Marc, who has been in direct contact with Greenough daily, started a project that would involve a handful of shapers keen to learn about the  Edge board concept. I was intrigued by the design ethos and my goal was to take the concept into creating a mini board that was good for surfing average, not so clean days. 

For my Edge boards, I use similar rockers and concaves as my regular boards. With the added Edge bottom, like a hot knife through butter, it just cuts through any chop on the wave! The sensation is much like a Tri Plane Hull that can be ridden in sub par conditions. 

The Edge bottom can be added to any custom Furrow model order. Let’s talk about what would be best for you!

There have been many articles recently written on the Edge Board concept that I suggest you read, such as Cher Pendarvis’s Article in the SJ, but I recommend trying a few out to experience and form an opinion for yourself. 

 Open Mind, Happy Heart :).