Form and function: What is a handplane? Well it is exactly that: a plane for your hand. It allows you to easily catch waves, get barrelled, and plane down a wave with maximum speed.  Whomp handplanes are foiled to give them twist and flex, making them a bit more lively and natural feeling.  The soft and comfortable, one-size fits most, adjustable strap keeps the handplane stuck to your hand in the event of the inevitable body-whomp! We are constantly testing, designing, and re-designing to create the fastest handplane.  Features: - Easy travel, Fits in a backpack or stash it in your car with a pair of fins for unexpected surf missions !


Wall-nut : 19'' 

The Wall-nut combines the knowledge of a paipo's speed with the compact size of a handplane.   Fly down the line, while still being able to swim with it on your hand. 

Goji : 15"

The Goji is a team favorite! At 15'', it is wider than our standard handplane, giving it more surface area for extra speed and ease in catching waves. 

Mini Goji : 13"

The Mini Goji, like the Goji, is wider than our standard handplane.  A great choice for kids and small hands or for the experianced bodysurfer to use in heavier surf.

Sesame : 15"

The smaller cousin to the Wall-nut, the Sesame is a great all around plane. 

Pistachio :  13"

The Pistachio is for steeper barrels and powerful shore break. It is smaller in size, so it is also great for kids and small hands.

Cashew : 15"

The Cashew has more flex in the tail, giving it a natural feeling on the wave.

Mini Cashew : 13"

The smaller version of the Cashew.  Great for hollower waves and for kids !

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